The Pain in Expats’ Arse

The pain of expats is pretty hypocritical.

While looking for stable economies abroad, their hearts melt for a rocky economy at home.

While praying and voting for liberal democrats abroad, they hope for conservative rightists at home.

While offering prayers in mosques in west, they know nothing about state’s attitude towards minorities at home.

While moving in uncensored cultures abroad, they want blasphemy to prevail at home.

While trying to keep religion away from politics abroad, they look for religious references of politicians at home.

While opting for being a second class citizen abroad, they keep mentioning the intellect of first class citizens at home.

While they do everything to evade taxes abroad, they are disgruntled when people avoid taxes at home.

Ask them if they’ll come back to work home? Absolutely not. Their opinions don’t matter abroad, so they become opinionated for things at home for which they are not even stakeholders. Except for currency exchange rates which are pretty much in their favor.

Actually, it’s a confusion between home and abroad. Your abroad is your home and let the actual homies decide for their home. Not your home. Don’t cry your heart out when you ran away long time ago. You left this stage.

You can have an opinion for sure. But you cannot have an opinion for the masses who are actually living and suffering at home who you simply label with words.

It’s pretty much like the domestic affairs where kids who leave their old folks alone are more worried and concerned. The kid actually living with the parents suffer with the blames, physical efforts, worries, and daily errands; while the kids abroad make a video call and are done with their duties.

It’s easier to be a judgemental idiot. Stop poking your nose where you don’t matter.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

2 thoughts on “The Pain in Expats’ Arse”

  1. rightly said. stupid goddamn people voting for populism. calling themselves revolutionaries and all. supporting stupid IK because, well, what do they got to lose anyway?

    1. Right, but people have no say. The whole system (government and opposition) is selected. Faces will change and system will remain the same.

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