Shall disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it

Even if a person starts voicing your voice, he/she isn’t trustworthy because of his/her opportunism and change of circumstances. Though, not in all cases. People change too.

But truth doesn’t change. Truth stays intact.

I have always been an anti-establishment due to their political gimmicks and making this country a living hell. Always.

Long before us were some giants who gave us similar sense. First one was Jinnah himself who didn’t like the political interests of Ayub. He warned him. He warned other men in uniform. Because Jinnah was for democracy.

Then there was Habib Jalib. Unshaken. Took Bhutto, Yahya, Zia and military to his poetic criticism without taking or changing sides. Because Jalib was for people.

Then there was Asma Jahangir. From Zia to Nawaz to Musharraf to Zardari to military; she didn’t spare anyone. Fearless and brave. Because she was for the rule of law.

There have been international voices too. Julian Assange. Edward Snowden. Arundhati Roy. Many others. They didn’t take side with people in power. They took side of people. Of truth. Of the unvoiced.

Now, just because someone is echoing your tone doesn’t mean his slate is clear. He will change his stance sooner than you think. Just wait for his environment to change. He’s a bluff. You know his other views.

People were asking for proofs. Proofs? He has his channel on YouTube. Search him on Twitter and you will find what you are looking for. Always look for yourself. This is age of Google. You can get things with smart taping on your screen.

And even then, you may disagree. It’s fine. Similarly, you may disagree without labeling others with treason and anti-nationalism too. Just because the roles are reversed, try to have a grasp of the whole situation for future evolution of minds. It’s important.

Intellectual honesty is a crime in any totalitarian regime. Orwell said that. This country has always been in totalitarian mode. If one was happy with one totalitarianism and unhappy with the other one, he himself is a question mark. Con artist.

His Highness stands corrected regarding Imran Riaz Khan. Stunts work and he knows the game well. Stunts, acting and some talent with mouth. Wonder why you guys hate TikTokers?

P.S. Handling of Imran Riaz Khan by the state police is uncalled for. It’s wrong, ill-targeted and disgusting. Disagreement with him doesn’t mean this. The same is the ideology for others… Ali Wazir, PTM, people of Balochistan, families of missing people, and all others who are not into violence and just want to speak and heard.

Ok herd!

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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