Road to Resurrection

After this much disgrace and insult, if I would have been the PM – in place of the incumbent Joker – I would have done the following right away, without thinking about my future, which is already dark:

1. The chief boy to be sacked and sent home immediately.

2. Initiation of court martials against those who were involved in politics since 2015. Including those who have retired, gracefully or disgracefully. + Musharraf who evaded punishment in his life.

3. Top hierarchy of the police in Punjab and Islamabad to be suspended with recommended terminations.

4. All those arrested in the last 3-4 days for property damages to be released. All charges dropped.

5. All the politicians to be released immediately. All charges dropped.

6. Announcement of the date for General Elections and Provincial Elections of Punjab and KP.

7. Civil services to be suspended. Working civil servants to report to the Federal Government with immediate effect for new duties under technocrats or new hierarchies of administrative departments to be run by long, competent and educated employees. Also, FPSC doesnt make sense since 18th amendment. It’s idiotic.

8. All blasphemy charged prisoners recommended to be released immediately. Starting from Junaid Hafeez. Courts to dismiss cases in 1 week.

9. All the rangers personnel involved in Islamabad Court’s drama to be suspended. Their ordering head to be terminated.

10. PDM to be dissolved.

11. General Babar Iftikhar to be appointed as Chairman SECP for three months. Failing performance to lead towards court martial for meddling in things far beyond his brain.

12. Officers involved in making and breaking of the barred border at Durand Line to be put on trial. With inquiry of funds.

13. PSDP to be halted for a year except for electricity and water projects.

14. All foreign funded projects to be closed with immediate effect. All their employees to be terminated with 3 months salary with a fixed ceiling of Rs.250k.

15. Extrajudicial forces and levies to vacate Balochistan immediately. Local administration to run the administration of the province without a single man in uniform.

16. All Cantts to be disolved and merged with their local development authorities.

17. All lands to be taken from all government employees – military or non-military – that are beyond 1 acre.

18. All lands to be taken from all landlord families – not person, entire families – beyond 250 acres.

19. No more summer holidays for courts.

20. Courts to work in two shifts. 16 hours a day, 6 days a week until pending cases are solved.

21. Laws to be made to take away powers of violent from armed forces and police. Anyone involved in violence to be terminated.

22. Rape and murder to be only punishes through capital punishment. Qisas and diyat to be ended. Period.

I will write all these to the concerned authorities, entire Cabinet, the Senate, the Parliament, the Chief Justice, etc.

After that, anyone can come and get me. I’m done. Won’t resign till the caretaker setup is formed.

And with that, history will remember the joker as ‘The Joker’ who saved the Gotham City. At least tried.

P.S. even writing this felt SO GOOD.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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