RIP Arshad Sharif

Karima Baloch was killed in Canada in 2020. Sajid Hussain was killed in Sweden in 2020. Remember that? Also remember your stance and how you all supported that they were not part of dirty games of assassinations.

They were. Now you know.

Saleem Shehzad was killed in 2011. Mysterious conditions. Was done and dusted for his journalism.

Sabeen Mehmud was silenced in 2015 because there was no other way to shut her.

The list can be a long one. Never-ending. Since the beginning. Because even Fatima Jinnah was silenced and her book was not allowed to be published for decades. And then an edited version was published. After her death. Another mysterious death.

Anyway. Here we are. You may disagree but you must stand with anyone being tortured. You must defend to death the right to say for everyone – even when you disagree.

Arshad Sharif’s murder must be a wakeup call. Must be. Otherwise, we are already bricks in the wall and nothing really matters. Except the narrative and its guards with fragile egos.

The message is clear. Dissent isn’t allowed. Not at all. A thousand disagreements with the way he did his job, but the way he has been murdered is disgusting to the core. This state is dead and it stinks. It will keep on stinking and will suffocate others too.

Rest in peace Arshad Sharif.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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