Pimp Service of Pakistan (PSP)

Imagine the hostility of circumstances that people are saluting the police. Sigh! The police which has been providing pimp services with violence and fear.
Sahiwal massacre was a police job.
Rao Anwar is a police product.
Rape cases of kids in Kasur were protected by police.
Kids in madrassahs got raped and remained unnoticed because police are impotent.
All the wrongdoings – major ones or minor ones – have police custody inside the station and outside, within the vicinity.
A guy gets killed. His brothers file an FIR. And then police intimidate them to take the case back, otherwise they will also be killed by the rivals. Instead of serving justice, they work as brokers. Like pimps.
FIR. First Information Report. Where a person has to pass through trauma, humiliation and insult in the hands of these men in uniform.
Have you visited a police station ever? Let me narrate some first-hand information. You can buy and smoke hashish and other drugs in the station easily. Prostitutes come and provide services – blackmail and rape actually – free of cost. At least one transgender is in custody in the station all the time, to serve and fulfill power needs.
There are two types of people in custody. Rich and poor. Rich stay in the Inspector’s room. The poor sleep on the prison floor.
Rich pay through money. Poor pay through their bodies.
The situation is ugly. One uniform created this mess of TLP to enhance their political power – which they always had. The other uniform is just consuming and digesting their crap. These two uniforms have always worked together, against the public; and rarely had a clash.
But the grace of uniforms has fallen so low that we are saluting Pimps Service of Pakistan i.e. Police.
This is the same police which makes us uncomfortable and unsafe as soon as we see them.
So stop saluting. This is their job. And they are hardly providing any outcomes. I know, this is not their mess but yes, they are part of our mess. And whatever is coming back is nothing more than karma.

Of all the filth around, Qazi Faez Isa was the one man who was correct. You got offended on the gutter thing. Don’t worry. Cockroaches evolve sooner than later.

They – unapologetically – are looking forward to salutes. Undeserved and unearned salutes. For all their corruption. Violence. Bribery. Injustice. Ugliness. And pimping.

Nah! Uniforms haven fallen low. Not the salutes.


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