Have you ever wondered why people have to come out and save the religion every once in a while?

Why is the religion in danger?

Like the state? Security state, actually.

Why do the saviors and defenders of this religion promote it in two ways? One day, they tell us that this religion will remain till the Judgement Day; and the next day they are out on the roads trembling that their religion is on the brink of collapse.

How come a divine message becomes vulnerable?

Sometimes, the religion is damaged by a word. Sometimes by a sketch. A poem. A couplet. A novel.

A few days back, a nurse in Faisalabad almost destroyed the religion of 1.5 billion people by removing a half-torn sticker on a cupboard. She, single handedly defeated the Ummah.

How do you buy that?

From which side of the brain do you get that?

I want to smoke that religious opium too.

Of course, it’s Dunhill talking. It’s the longest gap since last Ramazan and things are dull and foggy.

But again. Wonder. Whether it is ‘I, dependent on the religion’ or ‘the religion, dependent on me’?

Oh! Let me set both free.

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