Like a Random Dead Body

The ultimate tragedy of the incident was the man who died on the spot. Just randomly. His three little kids tried to wake him up for a long time but he was gone.

Gone too far. Never to come back to hug his kids again. Never to come back to walk home again. Never to take his kids out again.

Gone. With a bullet. A bullet of hate in a widely polarized society where religion and politics – together – play a mayhem of blood and bodies. Dead bodies.

A generation is lost. A home is lost. He may not be even a supporter or a hater. He may have been there just to see the political circus. To let his kids enjoy; only to end up dead for the final sorrow.

This world is harsh and ugly. And it’s too random. Kids can lose parents and parents can lose kids just like a ticker scrolling horizontally on your TV screen without you bothering to read it. Missed a ticker? Who cares?

But it’s not a ticker. It’s a home. Gone and missed forever.

That was the only tragedy that we all missed tonight. Like usual. Like another dead body.

Author: SakiNama

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