In-law-Faiz vs. Above-law-Faiz

Geo won and Ary didn’t lose. Right?

With over 1.8 million pending cases and the likes of Rao Anwar and Ehsan Ullah Ehsan free, SC did win yesterday. It did.

It won against Musharraf too, but then it got scared of boys.

All the way, it was between the two Faizes.

In-law-Faiz took notice of Above-law-Faiz as to what he was doing at Faizabad? The latter – along with his boys – got offended.

The Dentist was asked to file a reference against In-law-Faiz. He did.

Result: Bad root-canal. Though painless.

Hail In-law-Faiz! He gave a bold verdict on Faizabad Dharna. He questioned Marriage Halls Business. He questioned the involvement of boys here and there and everywhere.

Just imagine if Judiciary would have taken it as an instituition? Like the boys. It could have resulted in humiliation in various other cases too; including cases of Rao Anwar, Musharraf, and Ehsan Ullah.

It could have been men-in-black vs. men-in-khaki. Like it was in 2007-08. Men-in-black won then. Because they are also brave and patriotic. They can attack a hospital. Kill patients. Burn police vans. What not?


You and I are mere spectators. Sometimes we differ in our views. But, we are spectators nonetheless.

We are provided with entertainment. Where we have to choose between In-law-Faiz and Above-law-Faiz.

The only thing to know is the truth. Know it rightly. Decode the usual stuff. And stand corrected.

In-Law-Faiz has won. For now at least. May be judiciary will take a u-turn in a couple of days. Like they did in Musharraf’s treason case.

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