Hazara Bleeds… Again

Jam Kamal, the incumbent-incompetent Chief Minister of Balochistan, expressed his grievance on murder of 11 coal miners in Splinji. The clueless CM didn’t even know that the butchering happened in Mach area and not Splinji. But I guess, even he knows, who cares. It’s bleeding so consistently in the region that it’s hard to track locations.
Hazara is being targeted for its ethnicity for over a decade. Thousands have been killed. People have mourned and the state has condemned. For nothing. Because the killers were nurtured and raised under the state. Proxy outfits for proxy wars to make sure the system remains insecure.
These outfits have been owned and disowned at will. For Dollars – in both cases – too. They have been used to wreak havoc whenever necessary, and they have been targeted and killed in other scenarios. The double game – of keeping snakes at the backyard – is so complex that it’s hard to have a clear narrative of what is actually happening.
That’s why, of all the problems, there is one problem. Of all the evil leaves, there is only one root-cause.
The other day, people were asking for solutions. Well, for that, you need to recognize the problem first. That’s the first step.
The second step is to identify the troublemakers – the perpetrators. And here, you will cover yourself with green blanket.
The third step is to have a democratic view to the solution. Involving civil bodies. Civil Parliament. And that’s exactly where the whole dream collapses.
But you can resist and protest. With words. With gestures. With actions. And sometimes, with silence too.
Have a look in history. The people you quote today, were those who dissented. The people you praise today, were those who were not in majority. The people you are proud of, took the lone-righteous-path. And here, you are quoting poets of revolution while sailing the ship of Zalim in bloody waters.
When Imaam Ahmad bin Hambal was imprisoned, one of the prison guards came to him and asked him:
“O Abu ‘Abdillah! The hadith that is narrated regarding the oppressors and those that aid them – is it authentic?”
He said: “Yes.”
The prison guard then said: “So, am I considered to be an aide of the oppressors?”
Imam Ahmad replied: “No. The aides of the oppressors are those that comb their hair, and wash their clothes, and prepare their meals, and buy and sell for them. As for you, you are one of the oppressors themselves.” (Source: ‘Manaqib al-Imam Ahmad’ by Ibn al-Jawzi; p.397)
How much blood is necessary?
How much blood is collateral damage?
How much blood a motherland needs?
Are people for the land or the land for people?
With that, and with spilled blood, we have nothing else to do. We will mourn, as usual. For some days. Until another massacre will shake us from our deep slumber.
Press snooze.

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