Beat the Lion and the Dogs will behave

One thing that unites this country is police. It’s same from north to south. Their faith of violence, injustice, apathy, and disregard of humans is homogenous. From Islamabad to Peshawar to Quetta to Karachi to Lahore.

They brag on Twitter. As Bhai and Api. So nice and cool in tagging each other to take notice for the sake of followers. Yet, the disgust for humans sustains. Weaker the human, the more disgust and disregard they offer.

This ugliness starts from IG and goes down through DIG, SSP, SP, DSP, ASP, Inspector, SI, ASI, PC to all the way down to Muharrar.

They have learned from the worst, their brothers in another uniform. They believe in guns and violence. They can halt anything. Can produce dead bodies at will. Can beat women. Can abuse transgenders and others. And can become bystanders themselves when a mob is doing their job of violence.

The more high they climb on their hierarchy of bastards, the louder they shout.

This utter disregard is pretty much same everywhere in the world. Why is that? Give men uniform – any uniform with a gun – and they will forget to be humans altogether.

Don’t touch him. Not yet. But a time will come when they will be dragged by their collars and they will remember all the filth they said in arrogance.

People say: beat the dog and the lion will behave.

I say: beat the lion and the dogs will behave.

Author: SakiNama

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