Ass Always

Boys are of the view that allegations without proofs are not acceptable.

Now who’s going to tell the cat that allegations with proofs are not allegations. They are…

Let’s not tell. Let’s eat at home. In this peace without a piece. Of hyperinflation.

But we can write essays.

For example, a long time ago, Hamood ur Rehman Commission came up with objective findings against allegations. But then, it was preferred by the state to keep the allegations as allegations so that the narrative of allegations without proofs may sustain as unacceptable. The report was snubbed.

We can go on with another essay. When allegations by the parents of the murdered children were dismissed with the escape of Ehsan Ullah Ehsan escaped.

Or we can go on with another essay when court called Rao Anwar to put him on trial based on allegations of 444 murders. But then – again – the court decided to let the allegations sustain.

Right now there is another allegation. The government – PPP and PMLN – is violating the constitution every single day. 90 days have passed. Yet. No shame. Not even among Bhuttos for the Bhutto who allegedly held the constitution in this same parliament.

And the boys – ass always – are on the wrong side.

Allegations. And alligators.

I almost forgot. There’s another allegation. India doesn’t want to come for the Asia Cup. Other countries have agreed with India. But the government says that the tournament should be played in Pakistan as everything is alright. Alright?

No. The government and the boys are of the view that everything isn’t alright and peace is not peaceful and elections can’t be held.

Paradox. Dilemmas. Pandora boxes. Same day, different views on different mics. Such is the mess.

In the turn of the events – nothing new in the turn – you must know the villains of the past are the innocents of today. And innocents of the past are villains of today. Ther is no messiah. Ther is no man. There is no institution. There is no one without allegations.

But who’s going to bell the cat with a little whisper in the ear that allegations with proofs aren’t allegations.

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