Ain’t That Good Opium Anymore

Ishaq Dar gave us a hint of his failure a few days back. He used religion. He remembered God.

It’s typical. People in power do that to stay in power after failures. Imran Khan excelled this and propagated it dangerously.

Khan’s own home was regularized for pennies in Islamabad while the poor were thrown out and their homes were bulldozed from Islamabad to Karachi. But tasbeeh never felt. Quran and Hadith remained his source of inspiration to tell you guys.

This is a way to drug you. This is a way to snatch your home, your food, and sometimes your kids too – to keep you calm.

It’s just like killing 144 students and labeling them ‘martyrs’ to make things holy and spiritual.

It’s just like the army chief visiting the dilapidated homes of dead soldiers – to hug the old parents – and lessoning them about Jihad and Paradise; so that the drugged parents keep on producing more poor soldiers to die in vain in chain.

Reject that.

Don’t respect that b

Because religion has nothing to do with the state. The state will only use it to abuse you. perpetualy.

Don’t snooze anymore.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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