60-up Fuel

30 more. 60 in quick days. Petrol is taking a hike and no one’s giving a damn. Damn!

No relief for the poor. Nothing. But stories of bankruptcy and all the irrelevant shit that has nothing to do with you – continue.

Yet no one’s going bankrupt except those who are already bankrupt.

Make things tough. Make the law tough with books and jargons so people may have to hire lawyers for simple cases. Educated people walking and standing behind un-educated lawyers. A common sight.

The same goes for the budget and economy. This rating, that index. Blah blah numbers. Jargons. Trends. Percentages. Crashing down. It all falls down.

Dollar rate doesn’t concern the poor. The same goes for the stock market. They don’t want you to give billions of rupees in reliefs and bailouts to sugar, land, textile, and other mafias. That new missile and new weaponry system is not for the poor. Just like the DHA or Bahria or new Lahore City.

But the budget goes the elite way. Like bailouts. And reliefs. The poor go to the petrol pump to curse his own misery of existence in a relatively non-existent land.

The house of cards is standing on an already broken backbone of the poor. Inflation – already hitting badly – will shoot further. Transportation will become pretty expensive. So will the non-existent electricity. Everything is going to be expensive.

The budget is not going to give a raise to the middle or salaried class. They will give some relief. So you may know. Your worthless class. Your subconscious may further fall down. Like everything.

Even His Highness is broke. Imagine! Don’t!

Cut down perks of all kinds (fuel, drivers, more than 1 vehicles, etc.) for bureaucrats, judges and the whole establishment.

Ban travelling for all government meetings across the country. Meetings should be online.

Ban free electricity or units for everyone, including WAPDA employees.

Ban procurement of staff vehicles.

Cut down wasted budget on military.

Ask the military to handle military pensions through their billion-dollars MILBUS empire.

Stop subsidies and bailout packages of any kind in all industries.

Cut down non-feasible development projects in all sectors of both PSDP and ADPs.

Stop all the foreign funded projects. Instantly.

And fix the maximum salary too. There must be maximum wage like minimum wage, at least in the government where non-consultable consultants are hired on millions.

But no. The cuts will be on education and health first. Then on development for the poor. Then on water. And all the basic things.

Not all but only some of the above mentioned steps can resolve things. Particularly, military related expenditures. Burden for nothing but burden.

The clown PM and his whole cabinet and the whole system is up to nothing. PMLN had no homework. No presitge. Nothing. Apparently, everything is up to the known-unknowns. But the time shall write who signed the cruel orders in already oppressed times.

And expecting out-of-the-box solutions from PMLN – or anyone to be honest – is stupidity in itself.

O’ my dearly robbed poor fellows! Don’t worry. You are fucked-up anyway. Here and hereafter.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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