Patriotism, Nationalism, Militarism & Kashmir

For a particular group of people and militarists, on both sides of the border, nothing could have been as beneficial as Kashmir. It is a cash-cow, giving budget, billions, lands, and above all unquestionable silence.

Do they want it resolved? Obviously not. It will end a big chunk of budget. What will we do then?

The defense of a country has a purpose. But it is not just that. War and being a ‘security state’ has certain perks. Because of war in Afghanistan, dollars rained over us. During Soviet times, we were over the moon. Even our religion was all about ‘Jihad’ at that time. Zia cashed the opportunity as best as he could, ignoring all the side-effects.

But, times change. The Soviets went home. And then came Taliban.

Again, we played the game so that we could get dollars. The same happened during Musharraf’s era. All we had to do was show dead bodies and ‘do more’. And we showed 70,000 dead bodies over the years to get what we wanted. Until they hushed us away.

Remember the APS incident of 2014? It is not what is shown on the media. It was a trump card move. Guess who it gave a blank cheque to? Military Courts were born without a question.

That’s how you play the game. One move at a time. But no move to end the crises. Just keep on playing the bloody game. Nothing personal. Strictly business.

Coming to Kashmir. It’s old news. A part of routine. But it is the real cash. Uninterrupted. No one wants to resolve it. Even some Kashmiris.

Back in 1965, when Pakistan moved to liberate Kashmir, it were Kashmiris who did nothing and, in fact, sided with the Indian troops, resulting in an embarrassment. Do read about Operation Gibraltar and Operation Grand Slam of 1965.

Mourn as much as you want. Wear black. Play anthems. Block the roads. Burn Modi’s pictures. But it’s all bullshit because it’s all business.

Even then, if you are too sensitive to ignore blood and mayhem, look inside. Balochistan. Hazara. Missing people. State terrorism. People being killed by police and agencies. Waziristan. And constitutional demands of thousands of PTM workers who are being labeled as terrorists.

If you can’t see inside, you are only a hypocrite who is pretending to focus outside. The same hypocrite who ignored the Bengal issue in 1960s which ultimately led to the surrender of 1971.

First and foremost, Kashmiris have to stand for themselves. They are unable to make a unified and impactful political platform in 7 decades. They are unable to make a clear stance on what they want. Do they want an independent state or do they want to join either Pakistan or India? Nothing is clear. There are oppressors and there are oppressed ones. And a perpetual business of war being played.

One should condemn India and its oppression in Kashmir. For sure. But blocking our own roads and making self-made-slogans of Kashmir – Kashmir banay ga Pakistan – is going to do nothing. We have already been doing that since 1947, unsuccessfully.

India undid everything with a single stroke of pen on Article 370. And India will suffer.

We should mend our ways first. We should apologize for our history and hypocrisy and things we have done wrong with our people and people around us.

This patriotism and nationalism is business of the elite of states. Not mine. I don’t even buy this bullshit. It is embedded in you with curriculum, songs, movies and slogans.

Let me give you an example:

Rashid Minhas took the plane down and crashed it because an agent was trying to take it to the other side of the border. Minhas embraced martyrdom and was awarded Nishan-e-Haider.

Who was the agent? What is the other side of the story?

Matiur Rehman was the “agent” who was trying to take the plane out of Pakistan. He was fighting for his nation i.e. freedom fight of Bangalis. From Bangladeshi point of view, he was their hero.

Matiur Rehman was awarded Bir Sreshtho (equivalent to Nishan-e-Haider) and is known as their national hero. Just like Minhas.

Two sides of the same coin. Same story. Same incident. Same plane. Same martyrdom. Same medal of honor.

Both were sons. Both had families. Both had dreams. Both had a life.

But who won? Business. Business of war, weapons, arsenals, jets, tanks…

And who suffered? Those who were sick, hungry, illiterate, malnourished, and striving for basics. Public. Awaam. Janta. They are still striving. Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have the highest pool of people below poverty line.

There are five members of “Security Council”. This council of security is supposed to make this world more secure. And these five countries are the top five countries of exporting weapons. It’s business.

Your craziness, dumbness, blocking of roads, chanting slogans… is nothing practical. You are playing in the hands of the elite. For their business. For their war. For their profits. For our blood.

Ending it with Arunthadi Roy’s note on Kashmir:
About the story of Kashmir and India and India and Kashmir, I can do no better than to quote James Baldwin:
“And they would not believe me, precisely because they would know that what I said was true.”

Anyway, relax! Take a deep breath. Inhale. Pause. Exhale. All’s good.

Mohatta Palace, Karachi

Miss Fatima Jinnah lived her last years in Mohatta Palace. She died there. Or may be assassinated. No one knows. She was fine a day before as she attended a wedding ceremony. Her dead body was found the next day. Her body was taken by state machinery immediately. Her last rituals were done by the state and her family wasn’t allowed.

She was buried in haste. People tried to protest at the clandestine burial activities, to which they were beaten up by the security.

Her death is a mystery even today. Just like her book which was not allowed to be published.

And that, Mohatta Palace, was her last home. She died here. But there is nothing related to her. No furniture or any item of her usage. Nothing. As if she never lived here. Or never even existed. It was literally saddening to visit this place.

She used to live on 1st floor. How many times she would have looked from those windows? To the eternal downfall of the state for which she gave her complete life.

While sitting on the bench in front of stairs, I could see her. Going upstairs. Tired and broken. In white saree. And suddenly she turns and looks down at me and I couldn’t stare in eyes.

Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah was the first Opposition Leader of Pakistan. Her success could have been the initiation of civil rule in the country. But she was labeled. Disgraced. Humiliated. Perhaps murdered too.

And with her, went down all our hopes of a democratic state.

Apna Time Ayega

A 15 year old boy – thief – was caught red-handed by a mob in Karachi. Tortured. Traumatized. Recorded. Beaten. Interviewed. Murdered.

Your soul leaving your body, inch by inch. An inch each hit. Gradually. Bit by bit.

What’s next to ecstasy? Pain. Death. Hell. Nothingness. A whole light year from pain to death. Inch by inch.


‘You thief! You will serve in hell.”
‘Huh! I just arrived from one.’

Mob justice. Mashal Khan. The Christian couple of Kot Radha Kishan. The brothers from Sialkot. Blasphemy cases. Mob injustice.

Scum of the earth.

His shirt had a quote: Apna time aye ga. Aya. Uska time aya. Everyone is seeing his video. It is everywhere. Uska time aa gaya. He’s famous now. The face of death.

Everyone is sad after watching this unbelievable incident. Apparently. Rapists are sad. Child molesters are sad. Abductors are sad. Thieves are sad. Looters are sad. Killers are sad. Kafir kafir khailne walay are sad. Sab ko maar do kehne walay are sad. The whole country – scum of the earth – is sad.

You don’t dare talk justice here. The murderer of 444 killers – Rao Anwar – is still free. The blood of the unfortunate family of Sahiwal massacre is forgotten. The mastermind of APS massacre – Ehsan Ullah Ehsan – is fine as well.

Don’t you dare abuse the abused ones by “justice” here.

Another boy was killed too, a few days back, in Gujranwala. His arms and legs were broken by a mob. His body was dumped in waste. This one didn’t get much limelight. Maybe because he wasn’t wearing “Apna waqt ayega”.


Tum sab ka bhi time aye ga. Aj uska kal tumhara.

This is hell. From here to nothingness is all there’s left to go.

Random Numbness

Let’s see it this way. Why there is no justice in Pakistan? Or, why over 10 children are being sexually abused daily in Pakistan?

Because everything revolves around sex and greed here. From top to bottom. From topless. To bottomless.

A Judge recently got exposed after his video went viral. He was busy making money. But he says he was threatened by “manipulated, immoral video”. You know what that is? Our expertise.

NAB is busy in losing cases abroad and Intelligence is busy collecting “who is sleeping with who” videos / pictures. You know. For future manipulations. Like the Judge said. Easy stuff to get things done.

“I am a Prostitute of Grade-18. And you?”
“A pimp! With over a decade of experience.”
“Good to know.”
“Pleasure is all mine.”

When all the Forces, Agencies and Intelligence got the assignment to catch the rapist in Kasur last year, they all got exposed. Unskilled. Apart from forensics, everyone was clueless. Even today, many people in Kasur believe that the hanged person was just a scapegoat. Who knows!

But his profile matched a rape suspect. Mullah and Madrassah stuff. Right? Let’s not go to that side.

Again but… nobody asked this: How would pimps catch a rapist? Is there a precedent?


Every political party going against the others. Elites playing the cards. Dramas. Suspense. Courts. Trials. Imprisonment. Bail. Someone in. Someone out. Same episodes. Again and again. Haven’t you seen all this in 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and so on? It is same.
Defaming the opponents.
Opponents joining opponents.
Formation of new opponents.
Opponents in power.

Those who had ministries during military regime have the ministries in the ‘democracy’ now. Isn’t it fucked-up?

The fight for justice is always between rich and poor. Zalim and mazloom.
It isn’t against one monarch to another. It isn’t between Bani Gala and Jati Umra.
It isn’t between pimps.

Perverted nationalism. Perverted nation.
Drug addicts, sex-offenders, and greedy families are ruling us.

Over 1.8 million pending cases in courts. In front of ready-to-be-sold pimps. Being represented by a mafia of lawyers (read liars) who can beat the hell of a judge on any given day. Based on reports submitted by police which can abuse you as soon as you walk into a station.

Have you been in a court in Pakistan? Brothels are better, trust me.

You can get any document attested for Rs.5-10 per page. Magistrate for bail is easily available for crimes like murder or rape or both. Fake witnesses roam around the court-rooms to be hired by anyone. They will give statement, under oath, regarding anything. If you want to prolong your case, you can prolong it for years without a hearing. If you want instant justice, you can bribe the judge directly. Everything is managed by Readers who sit on left and right side of the judge.

It’s Honorable judge.
You have to stand when they enter the court room.
You sit when they sit.
And you spit when they do justice.

In the end, we expect justice for our kids from these pimps in pimp-rooms.

Welcome to the Child Abuse Capital of the World!
Please use precautions.
We just found AIDS is rampant in our kids.
Thank you!

In the Name of Zainabs – Our Daughters

There was a Zainab before. A blind girl.

In the times of Zia.

She was raped. Gang-raped.

But as she was blind and couldn’t identify the culprits, she was stoned.

Stoned to death for adultery.

The so-called “sharia” by Zia was imposed.

Just walk through the corridors of government or private organizations and you will find corruption at every corner of this country. Employees at lower grades are as corrupt as employees at top hierarchy.

Clerks are the ones that keep the pain alive. Employees in the field are the ones keeping the bribe system blooming. Shopkeepers, section officers, businessmen… almost everyone is corrupt. We have to verify a zillion times before making any purchase in this country.

Our kids, our generation, the innocent beings, are also not safe from our corruption. We feed them with impure milk. We raise them with bigotry and complexes. We trust strangers for their development. We send them to unsafe madrassahs and schools. We use them for our gains.

Most of the people, when asked about their kids, reply that they will help them in old age. That is it. Selfishness.

Lower the income bracket, higher the number of pregnancies. The only flourishing indicator of this country. And then they are left to face the miseries of life. Which is why they get into the wrong hands.
A Basic Health Unit (BHU) is given a minimum target of 60 deliveries per month. If less, an inquiry is held. Such is the ugly state of our “population control”.

Anyway, there is a question. Questions. What to do? How to keep our kids safe? Apparently the best solution is to take contraceptives. Let the kids stay in the heavens. But our selfish nature will not allow us to do that. Then what to do?

Schools are not safe. Madrassahs are not safe. Streets are not safe. Even relatives are not safe. What to do? There is no answer. There is only selfishness and misery. And misery will prevail for long. Because we see, we shout, and we become normal. Until we are jolted again.

Young Zainab’s father said that the head of JIT should be a Muslim. His consciousness is amazing. The rapist and killer of his daughter would most probably be a Muslim. The men behind child sexual abuse scandal of (2006-2014) were also Muslims. The state should be rid of this religion card by now. Our security, our existence, and our future is as stake; but we keep this card alive for personal benefits.

People are angry. There are episodes of anger.
Political parties are playing their political card.
Religious parties are playing their game.
The father of the unfortunate Zainab is also speaking in favour of the religious card.
Everyone is playing except those who are beyond the tags of conservative, liberal, Muslim, and non-Muslim “clichés”.

Faizabad Episode

I remember wasting time on convincing people that you cannot let a weaponized group to contest in general elections. Like TLY. It was allowed to contest in NA-120.

ECP didn’t allow them. Interior Ministry didn’t allow them. ISI allowed them. That is why they are “apnay log” as COAS said.

Who are NOT “apnay log”?

People of Baluchistan.

People of Karachi.

People of Hazara.


People who are abducted.

I can post numerous posts of public events where civilians are being violently treated by the military.

Why did COAS say that the two parties should resolve their matter peacefully?
Why were officials tweeting about it while they were not ready to follow the orders?

Why were they making political statements at all?

A minister had to resign today. Tomorrow more pressure groups will force more resignations.

Opposition members are saying big words today. Tomorrow they will be facing the exact same challenges.

The same happened in 1977 when Mullahs and Political Parties made an alliance against Bhutto, supported by the ISI.

In 1988, Islami Jamhoori Ittehad was formed against PPP. Nawaz Sharif was the key man launched and supported by ISI. Hamid Gul had a major role in forming the center-of-right political alliance.


Reiterating again; this is not democracy. There never has been.

Such are the situations that reveal who is playing the game.

And why is the Government impotent?

Why doesn’t it take a stand?

Well, it can’t.


The top leadership of this government was born and nurtured under Zia. It didn’t form and wasn’t allowed to develop naturally or democratically.

No party in history of Pakistan was developed democratically. They were made all of a sudden to challenge the former ones. To make democracy uglier.

MQM was made.

PML-Q was made.

PPP was fully supported by Yahya against East Pakistan.

PTI got the final boost from outside the camp.

I can bet, you cannot make a national political party in Pakistan without the assistance from barracks. Ever.

That is why these parties behave like dictatorships.

This is why Nawaz is being dictator of his own party.

Pakistan is a hub of failed experiments. From sects to political parties to security state to anything, everything is a failed experiment. Yet we boast with songs that we are what we are not.

Faizabad interchange is an example of failure. Of not only the government, but the whole state and its security institutions.

We are still in 1977.

As ugly as we have ever been.

A Man, A Woman, & A Daughter

He saw the sleeping woman along with her daughter.

12 noon. June. Ugly weather.

Like others, he moved ahead. But that voice, the inner voice, that echoes in his brain like shrieks, didn’t let him move.

He had to come back from a mile.

He stopped his car.


Who is looking at him?

He called the woman. Why is she here? Why not at home?

The typical questions people with homes ask people without homes.

She told a typical story. A story such people usually tell. Liars. Lazy.

He gave her money and requested her to go where she lives. Then more money. He requested her to not do that to her daughter. She asked for a lift to a nearby stop.

All this happened because of a three year old daughter of hers. Or his.

That little girl. Playing around her sleeping mother. Clenched his heart. His moves. His time. His whole day.

His whole life.

And during all this, he didn’t dare look at the young girl. He couldn’t. He tried to look in the rearview mirror, but he was not that brave. He was a coward after all.

He remembers the whole episode. The words. The scene. The area. The temperature. The embarrassment. The time.

He remembers the feeling of being well-off equalizing the feeling of a sinner.

He remembers when the two worlds collide.

But he doesn’t remember the face of the protagonist of this episode. He couldn’t.

He is a coward.

He was afraid of seeing “her” instead of “her”.

Her. Who?

True Lies & The Real Jihad

He: I demand justice for the minorities in Pakistan.

We: You didn’t speak when that Muslim was killed.

He: I did.

We: You paid Indian agent!


He: I stand with the people of Balochistan. We should give them their basic rights.

We: You never spoke for Pakistanis.

He: They are Pakistani too.

We: They are agents like you. They have sold themselves. You are all traitors! I wish you were all dead.


He: I will stand till Hazara victims get justice.

We: You didn’t stand for Muslims ever.

He: They are also Muslims.

We: You liberal fasadi agent!


He: We all should stand for missing people.

We: I knew you would say that Mr. Liberal in the limelight.

He: Today they are abducted. Tomorrow it will be us. We need to stand for justice and fair trial.

We: Not us. Only you. You should be abducted too, Ghaddar!


He: I will go to court to get justice for the molested child.

We: Yeah right! You just want to be an opportunist in fashion.

He: No I don’t.

We: You anti-state liberal, trying to defame Pakistan!


He: Islam teaches us differently. We need to stand for those who are wrongly accused in blasphemy cases.

We: You always speak against Islam.

He: No. I speak against injustice as Allah and Prophet Muhammad SAW has taught us.

We: We will kill you. You are a Kafir! Murtad!



We: Where the hell are you now?


We: I hope you are dead.


And “we” all shined on.

For another thousand years.

For another hundred wars.

Killing our own sons.

Killing our own generations.

Yet we remained victorious.

At least in our books.

جواب حضرت نصیح کو ہم بھی کچھ دیتے
جو گفتگو کے طریقے سے گفتگو کرتے

Forgotten Lessons – Our Ignorance is Our Pride

Hussain RA went against the ruler of His time.
He stood against injustice.
He stood for what He believed was right.
He embraced martyrdom on that path.

We cry every year on Muharram for the pain faced by Hussain RA.

Yet we are all like people of Koofa. Silent. Not doing anything. Not even realizing ‘wrong as wrong’ in our hearts.

And above all, we are proud of it.

Our ignorance is our pride.

The lesson from Prophets is to stand against oppressors.
To stand against unjust powers.
Moosa AS against Pharaoh.
So as others.

But today, I guess, paths of Prophets are too tough to follow. To even realize right thing at heart is tough. We think it’s bad to think ‘wrong as wrong’ today.

Ignorance. Circling us from all sides.

And after ignoring all our Islamic traditions, we think we are the right ones while those who actually take the Islamic path are wrong ones.

These silent blind followers are the most cowards ones.
Afraid to think.
Happy to accept.
Following whatever is accepted widely.

Yeh 10 crore hain
Jehal ka nachor hain
Inki fikr so gai