I am Hussain too

Story of Hussain and Yazid is an inspiration. It is a story of incredible power. It gives me strength to stand again and again. Just when I am about to fall, to seize, and to fail, Hussain gives me new passion.
My story is a small one. It is not a story of a Hussain standing against a cruel ruler.
My story is of Hussain standing against no one but one being. For the sake of Allah. For the sake of a future. For the sake of a generation to come.
Just like Hussain, my story is not of revenge or punishment. My story is not of a war. My story is against my own self. To make me stand again. For “her”.
Hussain was in Karbala. I am in Karbala too.
Hussain was thirsty. I am thirsty too.
Hussain was for upcoming generations. I am too.
But Hussain was from Family of Prophet. I am just an ordinary follower with an ordinary creed.
But my struggle is extraordinary.
My pain is extraordinary.
My love is extraordinary.
I am Hussain. In a different age. In a different time. Against a different cruelty.

Lustful Society

It wasn’t easy for him to put his reputation on stake for a single erection. But he had to. He was out of control. He took his student, a little angel. He ruined that angel. He raped her. And then he killed her. It was just an erection which society couldn’t understand.

Hell of a society it is which thinks from underwear/underpants. Those who cannot perform are addicted too. Horny!

He went to Dubai to earn a living for his family; his father, mother, wife, and a son. But one day, an erection and a seduction destroyed his life. His father told him to divorce his wife so that he can marry her. What? Well he fucked up. After crying, abusing, and requesting, he asked about his son; “you are a grandfather and I am a father of that son, what is his sin?” His father hung up. He called his wife; she said she can’t do anything. She needs a physical existence of a husband too.

Well she was right. Two years back, she needed financial support. Now she needed physical presence of a man in his bed… be it any man.

And here is another story. He was a banker. He got consistent promotions. His salary was increasing every year, so as his frustration. He couldn’t handle it anymore. One day out of frustration, he put his hand on an internee’s thigh. She was shocked. What should she do? Should she yell? Should she complain? Should she slap him? Or should she “I will recommend you for the permanent job” let it go. She let it go. It initiated her a decent career.

He used to teach numerous kids in his mosque. He liked one of the kids. The kid was beautiful and fair. He was not gay, but a little pedophile. Mostly he was into women… his wives. But that day he couldn’t control. He punished the kid not to go home until the lesson is learnt. The lesson was learnt a little before 9 pm, with blood dripping from his back. A little erection, which couldn’t satisfy his wives ever, destroyed a life forever.

I am a slow learner. I am always a slow learner. I blamed erections for this messed up society. What if there is dysfunction? So here is another story. He knew he couldn’t perform. He tried on prostitutes. He tried on eunuchs. No success. Eunuchs made fun of him. His parents forced him to marriage. He told his father he cannot perform. His father told him other ways, like test tube baby options. On the wedding night, he did it… without erection. Another life was ruined.

There are lusty bus driver with evil in their eyes and in between the thighs. Every fifth second, they have to touch themselves to align and reposition. They are pretty good to judge a woman, her figure, her curves, her character, her age, her sexual experience, and her ultimate desire to feel their moustaches. Their sudden hit of breaks, so that ladies leap on them. Then there are van drivers. Their hands remain on gears within which they have little feelings of thighs. They know the ladies want it. It happens rarely when a woman complains. They keep on shrinking in their volume, in their own world, in their own self.

You want me to narrate more stories. May be you are enjoying. I know. People read rape news with a little sensation, a little appreciation, and sometimes a little erection too. Publishers try to put extra details into rape news with the limited words they use. All is dependent on your vulgar imagination, browsing experience, and addiction to porn… according to which you imagine a colorfully blue film.

This is the world which has developed after centuries of learning, knowledge, Prophets, Divine Books, philosophies, virtues, Sufism, culture, values…

Dilemma is: there is another world to be seen yet; inferno.

Question is: if hell is to be seen yet, then what it is it now?

The Bank and its Guards

This story is about a bank which was robbed by its own guards. The bankers forgave the guards and increased their budget so that they would be happier and would refrain from robbery.

However, after only a couple of months, the bank was robbed again. The bankers retaliated in whispers. They bickered among themselves but acted that everything was fine. Nobody wanted to lead in firing the guards. The bankers were afraid of guns. And so they became afraid of their own guards.

Nothing was done and a habit was formed: the bank was consistently looted by its guards.

Often the bankers would hand over the money to the guards themselves.

The entire system of the bank changed. The bankers started to salute the guards. In order to ensure the smooth functioning of the bank, it was necessary to respect the guards like saviors. Saluting took a 180 degree turn and was made mandatory.

The chief of the guards was an intelligent man. He knew that as long as the Bank Manager believed that he was running the bank and the bankers did not overcome their fear of guns, they could do whatever they wanted. The bankers loved him because he was the head of their security. They would shout slogans to show their support of the guards on occasions like the Annual Bank Holiday and Banker’s Day. There would be a huge celebration with fireworks and awards would be handed out to the guards for their contribution to the bank.

Then came a new Bank Manager. He called the Chief Guard for a meeting. After a heated debate, the Chief Guard was dismissed from service. Before leaving, the Chief Guard ordered his guards to loot the bank. The Bank Manager was shot dead.

The bankers became afraid and began singing their slogans.

The situation was contained.

The guards were in official power. One of the cashiers was made the new Bank Manager while the Chief Guard ran the show. The Chief Guard made a new building besides the bank where he shifted the guards.

The security budget was gradually increased to around 50% as the bank was not safe and was looted again and again. The Bank Manager allowed the guards to take any measures without prior permission for the safety and wellbeing of the bank.

Due to consistent bickering, whisperings and mini-conspiracies by the thinking bankers against the guards, there was need of a spy. A spy was hired from within the bank. The spy made his roots within the departments of the bank. He would inform the guards of any suspicious activity and the suspect would be abducted clandestinely.

The spy was known and unknown at the same time. Sometimes the bankers would be convinced of his goodness and loyalty. At other times, they would suspect the spy. If the spy would suspect that a banker suspected him, that banker would go missing.

There was an operational manager who used to talk against the guards. He found some proofs against them. Then someone found him in the washroom; dead.

Today, a banker was killed while she was getting ready to go home. She was shot five times.

She was suspected to talk to the office boys. She helped the office boys as they were financially very weak. She also encouraged them and wanted to educate them about their legal rights. She was warned by the spy to stop her activities.

She did not listen.

She was punished for treason.

Epidemic Sickness

Walli is sick. He knows that the whole world around him is sick. This society is sick.

His university is sick with plaguing sickness all around the obvious and clandestine corners.

The gardens are sick with bold flowers wandering and seeking a hidden place… somewhere behind a tree or on a bench.

His city is sick. His country is sick. His whole damn world is sick…

Worshippers in the mosques are sick. They have strange infatuations. They commit what the sinners don’t dare to.

Crowd of the city can turn into a mob within seconds. Sick mobs are around the cities. Burning a person is like burning a matchstick.

A well-dressed man on-his-routine can be killed with a fragile reason by anyone.

The sickness is hounding at a stinking level. One sick man will beat another man. And then all the men around will be plagued to the same sickness and will start beating that unfortunate human being. Then thousands of sick people will gather… they will beat, they will strip him naked, they will kick on his parts, and then they will burn him to death.

Then I think who is more unfortunate: those who are burning or those who are burned?

Animals have certainly more privilege than…

Sick words!

Sick world!

Hypocrites against Blasphemy

I don’t know the punishment of blasphemy. In fact I don’t know when it is blasphemy or when it is not. When it comes to making of cartoons of religious figures, it is blasphemy. But what is the punishment for it? I don’t know. No one knows as it seems. Different religious scholars have different theories. Some favor punishment and others are of the view that ignoring them is the best response.

I don’t know what the punishment is when the blasphemer is non-Muslim.

But I do have certain arguments. People, who were laughing out loud on Pk movie regarding fun made of Hinduism, are the same who are showing approval regarding mass killing of editors and cartoonists in Paris, France. Isn’t it hypocrisy?

Those who believe Denmark and France are committing blasphemy should also boycott movies like Pk and should condemn where ever there is mockery of religion or holy personalities regardless of any religion.

We don’t need to go into Islamic details to find out where we stand on our personal levels of hypocrisy. We laugh on the most vulgar and abusive jokes of stage dramas, but we get angry when someone abuses us.

Why do we like someone else punished for the actions which we ourselves have as habits? Isn’t blasphemy happening all over Pakistan and other Muslim countries in different forms?

The couple burned in Kot Radha Kishan was not convicted of blasphemy. All those who burned them were actually the blasphemers.

Islam is the religion of peace for the whole world. Islam teaches us to be respectful to all religions and humans. It frustrates me when people make fun of Islam. I feel gutted. But when others (only some of them) are making fun of our religion, we are killing them in the name of the same religion. Isn’t it a major hypocrisy and a major sin?

How are we going to preach them in future? How are we going to have religious debates with them? And how they will understand us when we have pistol in one hand and fatwa on the other?

Who are we to decide that people need to be punished? And who are we to decide what punishment suits their sins? How are we so sure that that punishment is death?


I feel that we are perpetually stuck in a vicious cycle of self-destruction.

They make fun of us; we react; they make fun of us again. We kill them; they call us extremists. You have to admit; killing is a bit extreme.

Let us assume, for argument’s sake that they are the enemies of our religion.

How are we bringing our religion a good name? We lie; we cheat; we rob; we steal. And then all of sudden we stand up to protect Islam.

If they are the enemies of our religion; are we the friends?

When a movie offends another religion and some ‘sensitive’ people of that religion demand that the movie be banned, we raise hue and cry over that.

If a joke is directed at other religions, we can easily see the humor in it. But when the joke is directed at our religion, it becomes intolerable. Personally, I believe there shouldn’t be disrespect for any religion; be it a satirical or humorous.

We can find no remorse in our hearts for 14 people who are killed because they printed and obnoxious and offensive content. And rows upon rows of hateful messages directed to them do not faze us. We are not ruling France. There is no Caliphate in France. We should have demonstrated our views peacefully. But killing in the name of Islam where the state and government is not Muslim is not the right way. We can teach but we cannot kill. We need to condemn it. Muslim scholars need to condemn it like Nouman Ali Khan did.

Why is it not hate speech when we rejoice in the killing of people?

Why must we comment and dissect and approve or disapprove of people’s actions?

Why can’t the judging be left to God?

Why can’t we practice a little self-reflection?

A little tolerance?

A little love?

I vote for peace; for mutual respect; for patience.

I vote for an end to hypocrisy.

I vote for Islam.

Do you?

Done with Blasphemy, Time for Treason

You protest against injustice and you are an activist and want change.

You sit in dharnas to show that the government is based on a corrupt electoral system.

You go on strikes against privatization of public companies.

You protest against the wrong use of blasphemy laws which shows your comprehension and sensibility.

You speak out against killings of minorities, children and women to support peace causes against barbarians.

But if you speak or ask a question about the war on terror, military strategies, military spending, or the intelligence, you are a piece of shit. You are a traitor as you question the very foundation of Pakistan. How dare you?

This is my Pakistan as much as anyone else’s.

I will ask questions when I am dying due to an unknown war, with unknown people, based on unknown money, with unknown motives.

I will ask questions when my General will put me into a situation where murdering women and children is termed as “collateral damage”.

I will protest when I have to kill my own people with my own gun in my own streets.

I have been silenced for far too long.

I remained silent during 1971. I even kept peace when I read the Hamoodur Rahman Commission.

I supported you blindly in the 80s when you created the Taliban and empowered them with weapons for a decade long war against the Soviets.

I ignored your policies in the 90s when you were supporting your Taliban and helping their madrasah system.

Then you started to kill them in 2001.

May I ask what you have achieved in the last 14 years?

I question your capability against people who were empowered by you.

And most importantly I question how you plan to defeat them when they have defeated the Soviet Union, America, and the NATO.

I have a number of serious reservations.

The November 2014 carnage at Wagah Border happened at the third check-post. I want you to punish all the personnel in the first and second check-posts which the bomber crossed easily.

The genocide at Army Public School Peshawar happened in Cantt. There are check-posts on each entry and exit of Cantt. How did the terrorists manage to pass all the hurdles? I want all the culprits hanged along with the terrorists.

There is blood on your weapons. There is blood on your hands. Our weapons have killed children and women in Pakistan. Our bases were given to drones to launch strikes against children and women in Afghanistan.

Who started targeting children first?

It was a military decision to enter into a war which was not ours. Imran Khan was against this notion since the beginning and he was labeled a Taliban sympathizer.

It is time to see the cause rather than continuing to moan about effects. I need you to accept your mistakes. It is time to accept the real reasons that our children are being targeted.

You said that America would destroy Pakistan if we did not support her. Haven’t we self-destructed as a result of this support?

Whether you want to call it treason or any other tag that makes you comfortable; so be it.

My patriotism lies with Pakistan and its people; not with any organization and its personnel.

And Insha Allah, Pakistan will survive; with you or without you.

Come see the Blood in my Streets

I didn’t know my fate would be destined on the leftovers of my father. I saw some of his journals. As I couldn’t read, I burned them. Later on I was charged by a mob with blasphemy. I was burned too. The words in Quran are precious, I know. But my life was precious.  The life of my husband was precious too. There was another life within me which was more precious to us than either our lives.

I didn’t burn Quran. Those who burned me burned the Quran.


I don’t know what came in my mind when I decided to visit the Wagah border ceremony. It happens every day. There are groups of overly enthusiastic patriots standing and chanting on both sides of the border gate. I went to the Wagah border. Then a person helped me cross India, Burma, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and finally we reached heaven. I am very happy here Alhamdulillah.

I hope all of you find some suicide bomber soon.


I don’t live in DHA, or Cantt, or Bahria Town. I lived in Joseph Colony. Now I don’t live in Joseph Colony. I live in Blasphemy Colony. I am planning to shift to Muslim Town.


I was ugly but I was lucky to find the love of my life. We got married. My father and brother were angry that I married without their consent. They were angry that my sister was not married happily. They called me to Lahore High Court. They killed my outside the court with bricks.

I am happy that I died in the arms of my father and brother. This was a privilege. I always wanted to die among my loved ones. There were hundreds of people who saw me dying. Maybe my life wasn’t worth much but my death was worth innumerable stares and uncountable headlines.


I am a Hindu. No I am a Muslim. No, I am a forced Muslim. I have a husband. He is a Muslim. No, he is a Muslim by choice. He converted me forcefully for my well-being here and in the Hereafter. I don’t know what will happen next but I am sure people around me will force happiness on me.


I am a six year old girl. I didn’t know earlier that I am Shia. So I was kidnapped, tortured, raped, and strangled to death; otherwise I was going to live a sinful life and would make my land impure. I wish they kill my father and mother too so we can be together in the inferno.


I was pronounced a mental patient but he didn’t care. I don’t know what I said that made him angry. I was already in prison. He was supposed to guard me; instead he helped me escape the prison. He opened fire at me. Unfortunately I didn’t die.

When will I die?


She was walking and eating, talking and laughing. She was with family. She was working and everything was going well. But now she is doing nothing. All she sees is blood. She walks on blood. She swims in it. She drinks blood and she loves blood.

She bleeds till there is no blood left in her.

I’m sorry Mr. Jinnah! I pronounce her dead.

And We All Shine On!

When All India Muslim League lost Indian Provincial Elections of 1937, they didn’t lose faith in Jinnah or the league. It was blow on their movement and ideology but they didn’t adopt violent or abusive approach. They accepted the results without complaining about anything, and re-started their homework. In 1940, they had a remarkable Lahore Resolution which set their momentum again, better than before. In 1946, they won 425 seats out of 496 in Constituent Assembly Elections and made a decisive blow on Congress and British Raj.

I don’t want to compare PTI with AIML (All India Muslim League). There is no such intention because there are differences… of time, leadership, momentum, approach, attitude, and acceptance of reality. What PTI is doing after Elections of 2013 is not what AIML had done after Elections of 1937. But this is from where we can learn.

First of all I congratulate PML-N for having a victory in the National Assembly. They have done some homework and were well above in some domains than PTI. For example Nawaz Sharif was way more humble than Imran Khan throughout the campaigns. Similarly, followers of Nawaz Sharif were not as aggressive and intolerant as of PTI followers.

Secondly, PML-N has won, but this does not mean that PTI has lost. PTI has won in majority in KPK and have made their significant impact in Punjab. They were able to get millions of votes throughout Punjab which means they can get more by doing better work in future. Similarly, now they have a practical chance to prove themselves as the best ones by making KPK as an exemplary province of Pakistan.

Thirdly, there is a world outside Facebook and Twitter which is not entirely supportive of the views of PTI. There are villages and backward areas where no one knows about Tabdeeli and Naya Pakistan. Social media is a good approach to work on, but to “clean sweep” there is a significant need to work all over Pakistan… not only major cities and virtual media.

I hope Pakistan will get better in coming 5 years and will prove to be a growing economy. I wanted Imran Khan to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan, not Nawaz Sharif, but now we all should respect the mandate. If I will hope that Pakistan will see that they have made a wrong decision on electing PML-N, then this hope would be on Pakistan’s expense… which is against the ideology of PTI too. We all should hope and work for the growth of Pakistan regardless of the government, and meanwhile we can improve and prove ourselves to be the most competent ones by 2018. Allah has given a chance to PTI in KPK, if not in Pakistan. Now is the time to prove with a blow and let PML-N work federally with best of intentions for the people of Pakistan.

Imran Khan should come forward. He should tell the followers to keep calm and accept the results (which he has done already but not very clearly). There is no need to accept defeat as there is none. It is victory from various angles. All we need to do is change our dimension mentally and attitude practically.

There is no more ANP, APML and PML-Q. People have proved that they don’t trust PPP either. Separatist have lost their seats in Baluchistan. KPK has given their mandate for change and better governance. Sindh has risen against MQM. Punjab has accepted PML-N in the majority and has criticized them where they tried to make their influence. Overall, for me, there is a significant change in Pakistan and people have proven themselves that they can change the destiny of political parties. Now there is a competition between PML-N and PTI. It should remain healthy and PTI should prove itself better than them in all aspects… from behavior to political matters.

Hoping for the best, I accept the results of ECP, except for areas where the majority has come out for re-elections. Overall, the job of ECP was good in the most challenging of the times when terrorism, load shedding, violence, bomb threats, and worse five year tenure was present. Next time, we will be able to have better elections than time In sha Allah.

It’s all a matter of time… an organic process. We wanted evolution, not revolution… and we are on our way!

Vote for honest parliamentarians!

I am a PML-TI supporter, a party which actually doesn’t exist, but I have a philosophy behind this. I want all the great minds of different political parties in the next parliament of Pakistan, great minds like Imran Khan, Shahbaz Sharif, Saad Rafique, Jamshed Dasti, Javed Hashmi, Asad Umar, and many more. But unfortunately, all these guys are fighting against each other. These handfuls of honest people are truly the asset of Pakistan in the current scrap of political parties. If any single party clean sweeps the elections (either PTI or PML-N), then I believe it would be a disaster for Pakistan.

The stage at which Pakistan is today (well it has always been at crucial stage); we cannot afford to have a government comprised of all new, inexperienced and potentially corrupt people. We need loyal and honest representatives in our parliament which can take following bold steps:

• Passing a comprehensive resolution against drone strikes
• Peace resolution with practical steps in Baluchistan and KPK
• Long term strategic relationship with Afghanistan
• End of violence in Karachi through any action (army/non-army)
• Draft Blasphemy Law with consensus
• Rapid movement towards energy generation through non-petroleum means
• Limiting both the dangerous ends of being liberal and extremist
• Focus on free education for all
• Justice for all
• Limiting media channels and banning anti-Pakistan speakers
• Movement towards resolution of Kashmir issue
• Solving water crisis

If there is Hanif Abbasi vs. Imran Khan in your area, vote for Imran Khan. If it is Saad Rafique vs. Hamid Khan, vote for Saad Rafique. Do not support a party which is a mixture of corrupt and honest people, but support honest men only. Honest parliamentarians are way better than a mixture of honest and corrupt parliamentarians.

In my area, it was expected initially that Hamayun Akhtar Khan will contest from PML-N, in which case I was determined to vote against him as he supported military dictatorship. He was highly ineffective in doing any progressive effort during his time in Musharraf’s era. Later on came the name of Saad Rafique, who is not only loved within his own party but also by his opponents. Imran Khan has praised him in his book “Pakistan: A Personal Hisotry” with good words for his political character and anti-dictatorial stance against Pervez Musharraf.

Let’s all vow that we will vote for honest guys only. In the end, we have to answer about our votes in afterlife, so why not being reasonable about it as well. Let’s go for a win-win situation and be satisfied with our voting. We, the people, cannot make a good political party; but together can shape a good parliament.

In the end, prays are for Pakistan that may Allah guide us on the right track of prosperity, development, peace, and growth.


Together we Stand! Together we shall See!

From the ending of 2012 to the beginning of 2013, the predictions of Mayan Calendar and Doomsday proved to be true for Pakistan. Apart from having a victorious cricket tour of
India, Pakistan faced gruesome crisis. American drones were continuously thrown on innocent people on western border. LOC on eastern border is shaped into a before-war scenario. Within the borders, situation is further bloodcurdling. Killing of Shias in Quetta/Hazara got bloodier, threat to lives of Punjabis are higher in Baluchistan, target killing in Karachi didn’t take a break yet, and suicide bombings in Peshawar have increased in last some days.

Destruction has become fate of Pakistan. From north to south, the whole country seems to be covered in shroud. Game of pimps has started in political affairs of state as elections are approaching. Tahir-ul-Qadri is on his way to Islamabad for restoration of constitution in relevance to elections, which seems to be a complete drama. Altaf Hussain just attacked his “political drone” by targeting Quaid-e-Azam. Imran Khan is still with unfinished agendas and party. PML-N is Punjabing in their Punjab by not speaking in national crisis which makes them coward. Lastly PPP, it never cared and doesn’t give a damn about anything.

Internally and externally, Pakistan is totally shattered at the moment. There is nothing developmental or cultural on which we can be proud of. Pick up the newspaper or click on any channel, we see dead bodies, blast news, drone attacks, victims, victims’ families, death, hunger… and yet no one is speaking for change, apart from political stakeholders.

We can easily blame it on America or India for atrocities happening in Pakistan. There is no doubt that certain events lead us to this belief, but the real problem is within ourselves. Is Pakistan so weak that anyone can intrude? Is Pakistan so naïve that foreign agendas can jeopardize the whole country?

At present there is one organization which appears to be most benefitting; i.e. military. Pakistan Army is now being called by protesters to hold emergency in Baluchistan. Many are advocating martial law over the country. Words and actions of Tahir-ul-Qadri reject all political parties and favor the army. Army is again playing “big daddy” role while sitting behind the curtain.

Calling army would be another smack on wounded Pakistan. Army has failed miserably, within or without politics, in FATA, western borders, and northern areas. It has failed miserably in dealing with messy situations of Raymond Davis, OBL Operation, attacks on GHQs, dealing with drones, and missing people in Pakistan. From Musharraf to Kayani, there is nothing about army to be proud of. Calling them for help would be welcoming another disaster.

I don’t have any conclusion as I don’t know who is loyal, honest and right for this country presently. Many believe Khan, others believe Sharif and another crowd believes Qadri. Honestly speaking, I don’t think anyone of them is good but may be Khan or Sharif, together, can be the best option. They should unite for the sake of Pakistan and clear all this mess of violence, burglary and corruption.

Even in the worst case scenario, I don’t believe that Pakistan will have to lose its region. I also don’t believe that it will be defeated by any external or internal powers. May be we have to sacrifice more, so what. We are sacrificing before its creation. It is dream of our Iqbal, a reality of our Quaid and “oonthni” of Prophet Saleh A.S. as mentioned beautifully by Ashfaq Ahmad. No one can tell the future of Pakistan but we are sure it is not depressing. We are hopeful and we are struggling. Hoping it best in words of Faiz;

We shall see

Certainly we too, will see; we shall see

The day that has been prophesized
The one written on the Tablet of Fate
We shall see
When all crowns will fly
When all thrones will fall

Then only Allah’s name will remain
Who is unseen, yet ever seeing
Who is the sight, as well as the scene
When the anthem of truth will be raised
Who I am too, And so are you

And the people of God will rule
Who I am too, And so are you

We shall see
Certainly we too, will see; we shall see
We shall see